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Prince William saw a homeless newspaper being sold on the street

Prince William saw a homeless newspaper being sold on the street

This film is completely different from the Jubilee celebrations. Prince William, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, was spotted by internet users on sale in central London. The big issueBritish Homeless Press.

Dressed Specific red jacket and hat for the sellers of this famous magazineThe Duke of Cambridge, second on the throne, photographed the Westminster metropolis on Wednesday edition of a weekly newspaper launched in 1991 to help homeless people find income and their place in society.

Contacted by AFP, Kensington Palace did not comment. By his side, The big issue And did not publish the appearance of the prince in his ranks. However, this look was appreciated by the press.

William, most famous of the “Royals”

“He’s great, very friendly”, Richard Hannand, 47, of Britain, bought a newspaper from Prince William.He took a photo with the prince, which his brother-in-law Matthew Gardner shared on LinkedIn.. “What an honor to be able to be in a humble personal moment with our future king,” he wrote on the social network.

Four-day celebrations of the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II last week Confirmed the extreme popularity of the prince and his family. A few days before his 40th birthday, William Very popular in “royal families” Behind the Queen, with 66% positive comments, according to the YouGov Institute, his wife Kate (60%) followed him with unlimited praise from tabloids.

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