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Prince Harry humiliated by Meghan Markle

Prince Harry humiliated by Meghan Markle

The real reason Prince Harry, without his wife, attended the Super Bowl, was made clear through Women’s Day.

He was the Duke of Sussex The surprise guest at the Super Bowl Last week, he not only sat in the middle of the crowd cheering the Los Angeles Rams when they faced the Cincinnati Bengals.

No sooner had the Vince Lombardi Trophy been awarded to the home team than Meghan Markle’s husband, who was wearing a rat hat, was in the locker room to meet the team owner and the players.

“It was a strange decision, because he never did I really cared about the NFL before A close source said that many of these players did not even know who he was.

And the assertion that Prince Charles’ second son was uncomfortable with Meghan Markle, after sponsorship of the English rugby union pulled him out in favor of Kate Middleton. He will be in shock.

But Harry was deeply saddened by the loss of his English rugby sponsorship to the Duchess of Cambridge last month, so
Perhaps a way of saying, whatever you do, you won’t get to me.”

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