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Primore |  Moving on July 1: A new, kinder approach for owners?

Primore | Moving on July 1: A new, kinder approach for owners?

Perhaps this is a sign of her good faith, and Corbeck welcomes it A moratorium on evictions for three years It was adopted Thursday along with Bill 65.

CORPIQ also recently appointed a new Director General and appointed a new Director of Public and Government Affairs a month ago. Both are concerned about the challenges of the crisis and the changing bad media image of the owners.

The new package includes a practical guide to facilitate procedures with tenants, while CORPIQ includes new sample letters and forms. For example, one of them guides landlords on the correct way to remind tenants not to renew their lease.

The organization also offers a free information session entirely dedicated to getting moving. It will also provide access to vacant housing listings, which are usually published on the Kangalou platform, to municipal housing offices (OMHM). This initiative aims to facilitate the work of OMHMs whose mission is to find apartments for those who have difficulty finding them.

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Moving on to D-Day

For the first time, CORPIQ will open its doors on July 1 when it would normally be closed for the Canada Day holiday.

“Every year, Quebec homeowners support thousands of families in changing their residence in 1 hourany July,” notes Eric Sansouci, President of CORPIQ.

“With exceptionally low vacancy rates, CORPIQ is redoubling its efforts to ensure a harmonious transition for all.”

– Eric Sansouci, President of CORPIQ

A phone line will be available if problems arise on the day.

Tenant rights associations react

But these new measures taken by CORPIQ do not fully convince the associations that defend the rights of tenants. Cédric Dussault, of the Regroupement Committees and Tenants' Associations of Quebec (RCLALQ), warns them. According to him, documents or forms submitted by their owners should be “taken with caution.”

M. Dussault refer the locators to a new internet site, the, or various publications have different outils, different calculators and models of letters or different designs in order to use the “protéger” to control the fauces and reprises of the logs. for example. Although RCLALQ recognizes the desire to change the tone on the part of CORPIQ, the organization considers that too many owners have discriminatory attitudes in light of July 1st.

For Veronique Laflamme, from FRAPRU, the government also has a responsibility to inform tenants better.

“We hope the government will take advantage of the adoption of Bill 65 this morning which provides for a moratorium on evictions for subdivisions, extensions and changes of use to do so,” Ms Laflamme said.

“We must then ensure improved access to justice in all regions through improved justice services [TAL]. But unfortunately all of this will not provide housing for tenants who will be evicted on July 1 or for those trying to escape unsanitary housing.

CORPIQ says it represents 30,000 owners and managers providing rental housing and apartments to more than 600,000 renter families. According to its internal data, 1.5 million rental households are home to Quebec owners and, in seven out of ten cases, they own a duplex or triplex apartment.

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