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Pride Parade: LGBTQ police officers are not welcome

Pride Parade: LGBTQ police officers are not welcome

While on QUB radio for an interview on The Sophie Durocher Show, the general manager of Pride Montreal made a statement that stunned the host. When asked about the police presence at the August parade, Simon Gamache simply replied that there wouldn’t be any.

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We’re talking here about police officers who are members of the LGBTQ community who want to take part in the parade in uniform, not those providing security.

“You discriminate,” exclaimed the host. You tell the police we’d do better if they weren’t police officers.

Mr. Gamache attempted to amend this assertion.

According to him, the decision was taken due to tensions between law enforcement authorities and some groups in society. An interpretation that did not satisfy Sophie Durocher at all.

“Do the cops of 2023 have to pay for the cops of 1970?” the host asked.

Simon Gamache said he was in discussion with SPVM. He also described the exchanges as “an interesting dialogue”. One thing is for sure, he’s still camped out, for now, on his site. LGBTQ police officers in uniform, don’t look for them on the show, there won’t be any.

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