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Previous influence on the level of "influencers"

Previous influence on the level of “influencers”

Ex-Montreal Impact striker Anthony Jackson-Hammel appears to have been part of the famous “Influencers” trip that rolled down December 30 towards Cancun, Mexico.

It is possible that the 28-year-old was discovered in one of the videos posted on the Instagram account of 111 private club, the company that organized the trip that is currently causing so much ink to flow in Quebec.

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After Impact – now known as CF Montreal – decided not to renew Jackson-Hamel’s contract for the 2020 season, the Quebec national switched career and became a DJ. working under the name Tony Lee.

According to a post that has now disappeared from his website, Jackson-Hammel was scheduled to perform aboard a Sunwing Airlines flight as the passengers allegedly violated several aviation safety and public health instructions.

“Be part of a unique three-hour concert on a plane to Tulum!” , one can read in a screenshot Obtained by Metro daily from the former footballer’s website.

Le Journal de Montréal also learned that Jackson-Hammel was an “executive agent” for TrippleOne. This is the principal work of James William Awad, organizer of the Influencers’ trip to Mexico. The former athlete is also the vice president of another Awad company.

Jackson Hummel spent seven seasons with the Montreal football team. He played 79 matches there, of which 27 were starters. The former striker hit the mark 15 times and provided four assists.