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Prayer, this enchanted space where I can hear myself and not think

Prayer is a space that must be sought in order to bring forth the voice of God…

It is the practice of silence in daily prayer that allows access to God’s presence. British essayist Pico Eyre speaks of the importance of “working to win silence” in order to “make it not an absence but a presence; We can hear ourselves think, but it is truer that in silence we can hear each other Do not thinkThus, we descend into ourselves in a place much deeper than just thinking. In silence we can hear another person thinking.”

It is essential to find a kind of silence to effectively face her fears. St. John of the Cross (1542-1591) wisely teaches us that the spiritual man must “learn to dwell in God with loving concern and a peaceful heart, even if it seems idle. Little by little, divine peace and the sublime knowledge of God, covered with divine love, will be implanted in the soul of man. Otherwise, His soul will be troubled and attracted to disgust and loathing, and if anxiety arises about this idleness, he must remember that pacifying the soul, which makes it calm, peaceful and without desire, is not an easy matter.”

Silence prayer

Saint Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) speaks of the “prayer of silence”: prayerful silence strengthens the ability and willingness to listen to the Beloved. The more the soul directs its gaze and attention to Jesus, the less it is preoccupied with itself and its self-centered preoccupations. This silence is the silence of the lover who is satisfied with looking at his beloved, to contemplate him quietly.

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Silence speaks of silence. German Jesuit Father Alfred Delp (1907-1945) wrote: “The silence of God’s presence is never an indifference, but rather a sign of His gratuitousness and freedom because He does not allow Himself to be confined to our territory.” pictures or our designs. My God, your silence responds better than my outbursts of love for you!

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