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Power plant robbery: Americans killed by electrocution

Two men from the state of Georgia, USA, died after a transformer exploded while trying to steal copper wires from a power station.

Police received a call around 3 a.m. Monday about an explosion at the power substation near the Old Mill in Gainesville, Lieutenant Kevin Holbrook said in an interview with CBS News. According to information from the authorities, the thieves were trying to steal copper wires and other electrical components.

Police and firefighters were quickly called to intervene. When they arrived, they discovered the two men dead.

Coroner Kevin Witzel said the two victims – Shane Joseph Long, 45, and Christopher Blair Wood, 44 – were both from Gainesville. An autopsy will be performed to confirm the exact cause of both deaths. However, Lieutenant Holbrook confirmed that one of the two men bore signs of electrocution. The second man may have been killed by the converter.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time burglars have died this way in the United States. However, Holbrooke said, people who steal these products from power plants don’t make a lot of money to resell them.

“It’s not worth putting your life on the line for that,” he added.

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