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Post Election Conspiracy |  Special counsel calls on Supreme Court to uphold Trump's immunity rejection

Post Election Conspiracy | Special counsel calls on Supreme Court to uphold Trump's immunity rejection

(WASHINGTON) Special counsel Jack Smith, who is investigating the federal case against Donald Trump for illegal attempts to alter the results of the 2020 election, asked the US Supreme Court on Wednesday not to stay an appeals ruling denying the former president any criminal wrongdoing. immunity.

On February 6, a federal appeals court rejected a criminal ban implemented by Donald Trump, reopening the way for his trial in Washington, which was initially scheduled for March 4 but was postponed indefinitely by Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is presiding over the hearings. Appeal.

The Republican primary asked the Supreme Court on Monday to stay the decision on appeal. John Roberts, president of the Supreme Court with a conservative majority, had until February 20 to respond to the request, but Jack Smith did so on Wednesday.

Recalling that all procedural steps in this criminal case have already been suspended by his appeal, he insists that Donald Trump “does not have the right to a new suspension when the Supreme Court tries to seize the file.”

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Special Counsel Jack Smith

Further delaying the trial would “undermine the public interest in a speedy and fair trial,” writes Jack Smith, emphasizing the “unique national significance of this criminal case,” in which a former president is “criminally prosecuted for attempting to retain power by obstructing the legitimate winner of an election since taking office.”

Recalling that the Supreme Court in December rejected his request to take up the question head-on by bringing the appeals court forward, the special counsel is calling on Donald Trump to reject the request for a suspension and to hear the case.

However, if the court chooses to take it up now, Jack Smith urges it to do so on an accelerated schedule so that if Donald Trump's criminal immunity is upheld, “the trial can be conducted with reduced additional time.”

The former president's defense says he has “absolute immunity” for actions he took while in the White House.

“For purposes of this criminal case, former President Trump has become a citizen, with the same protections as other defendants. But any executive immunity that might have protected him while he was president no longer protects him from these lawsuits,” the three appeals judges wrote in their unanimous decision. , first pronounced by Judge on Dec. Sutgen.

Targeted by four separate criminal proceedings, Donald Trump has been trying through his multiple appeals to go to trial as late as possible in any case after the Nov. 5 presidential election.

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