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Portal screens are converted to external screens for Mac and PC

Portal screens are converted to external screens for Mac and PC

The connected portal screens developed by Meta expand its horizons. With remote work becoming a necessity for many employees, these products can now be converted into external monitors for a PC or Mac.

The future of the Portal Group is now the business world. Meta has already decided to stop marketing these connected screens to the public, to Better focus its efforts on professionals. Professionals who, for many of them, work from home! Thus, the changes announced a few days ago by Meta will be beneficial to all customers.

Remote work on the horizon

Meta has already put an online Duet Display app on its store, which connects the Portal’s display to a PC or Mac. This allows it to be converted into an external monitor, mirror setting or extended desktop. A very practical add-on to save space on your computer at a lower cost: no need to buy a second monitor, the portal is already there!

Duet Display is not an app developed by Meta, it has been around for several years now and allows you to use your iPad or Android tablet to extend the screen surface of your PC or Mac. Compatible models are the 15-inch Portal Plus and the 10-inch Portal Go (the model with battery).

© Meta

Meta did not stop there, as the company also offers in-house software this time for Apple devices, the Meta Portal Companion. This application allows you to share the contents of your Mac’s screen with an interlocutor during a video call, and it also has easy access to controls to adjust the volume or mute the microphone.

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Both portals are still on sale at €79 (instead of €229) for the Go, and €299 (instead of €369) for the Plus model. These devices also include support for major video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Webex, Teams, and of course, Messenger.