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Politicians stripped of the blue endorsement badge on Twitter

Thing promised, thing due: Twitter has removed the blue endorsement badge from the profiles of those who refuse to pay $8 a month. Among them are almost all Canadian and Quebec politicians, including Justin Trudeau and François Legault.

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The exception is the rule, because on the page of conservative leader Pierre Poiliver the famous blue badge always appears, previously reserved for people who could prove their identity by various means.

Justin Trudeau’s page still displays another badge that identifies the prime minister as having an “Official Government of Canada” account, however federal ministers are not identified in this way.

François Legault’s profile also does not provide any identification of gender.

This new policy is the brainchild of new Twitter owner Elon Musk.

The latter had announced its intention to make the blue badge a paid service in the first weeks after the acquisition of the social network, in the fall. The idea has been criticized because it could lead to abuse or deception.

The federal government has not responded to our inquiry about whether it intends to leave Twitter or pay $8 to ensure the endorsement of elected officials.

For its part, the conservative camp has not said at the time of this writing whether Pierre Poiliver has paid the $8 required to claim the blue badge.

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