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Politician breaks silence to attend 'The Upside Down' premiere

Politician breaks silence to attend ‘The Upside Down’ premiere

It is Friday evening for the Stéphan Bureau and its new program “Le monde à l’envers” is shown at 8 pm on TVA.

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On the premiere, he will be accompanied by host Fabien Cloutier, who will serve as a guest character throughout the Friday show.

The date for the start of the current season, Stefan’s office will receive Conservative MP Gerard Deltel, who will break the silence since I sent the letter of the Palestinian Communist Party to members of Alan Reis’ constituency.

I recall that Mr. Deltell had supported Jean Charest during the race for leadership of the party.

“We haven’t had any news of him at all since last Saturday. We haven’t heard from his reaction. Is he comfortable at the party now. Will he be there? We’ll find out tonight,” Stefan’s office told TVA Nouvelles.

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To see the full interview, watch the video above.

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