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Polaris: a surreal apocalypse |  TVA News

Polaris: a surreal apocalypse | TVA News

After the opening of the Fantasia International Film Festival. polaris, Written by KC Carthew, it is a unique work starring Viva Li, Khamisa Wilsher, and Muriel Dutil.

In the year 2144, the planet is plunged into an eternal winter. A young girl, Sumi (Viva Li), survives as best she can in this harsh environment with the help of her “mother,” the polar bear, and the guidance of Polaris, the North Star. While she is captured by a group of women, she will meet other inhabitants of the desolate planet after she manages to escape, including Muriel Dutil, another solo traveler.

Polaris It is undoubtedly a work that attracts the imagination and feelings of moviegoers. The dialogues, all in an untranslated fantasy language, are made up of screams and guttural sounds that constantly take us back to the primal, animal and sensual level.

Screenwriter and director KC Karthiu (sun at midnight, (2016) continues to make spectators lose their bearings by immersing them in a vast white space, in order to better understand the connections between humans and nature, especially with the presence of the bear. This surprisingly visual and intuitive language has proven to be very effective and almost poetic despite its obvious aesthetic connection to objects. Mad Max.

We can’t help but think too High life, Written by Claire Denis, with Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche, even if the subject and tone are very different. In both cases, we lose ground, in both cases, we learn to understand a particular cinematic language and in both cases, we are enthralled by a captivating exercise in style.

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5