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Poland wants to replace coal with nuclear power for US and South Korea » La TV en Direct

Poland wants to replace coal with nuclear power for US and South Korea » La TV en Direct

Poland wants to become a powerhouse in nuclear power generation, thus reducing its dependence on coal, which is the highest among countries in the European Union. To do this, it looks not to its neighbor and EU partner, namely France, but to the US and North Korea. In fact, within days, Warsaw signed contracts with the Americans Westinghouse and Seoul for the construction of two power plants. The plan calls for a total of 8 reactors to be installed by 2040 to meet one-third of its electricity needs.

A recent agreement was signed with South Korea to build 4 nuclear reactors near the city of Konin in the center of South Korea. “Nuclear energy is safe, clean and environmentally friendly,” Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in a Facebook post. Poland relies on coal for 70% of its electricity generation, but EU sanctions against Russia have compromised lignite supplies.

Another deal signed by Warsaw concerns the construction of a power plant in the north of the country. The work will be awarded to American Westinghouse, which won the competition from French Edf. According to rumors so far, the US-made nuclear power plant will be the first Polish nuclear power plant to enter service. Full commissioning is planned for 2033. US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm praised Warsaw’s decision, saying it was “a big step in strengthening our relationship with Poland for future generations”. “This announcement sends a clear message to Russia that we will no longer allow energy to be weaponized,” Granholm said in a tweet. “The West will unite against this unprovoked aggression, and diversify energy supply chains and strengthen climate cooperation,” he added.

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