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Pokimane Banned From Twitch, What Happened?

Like many banners that preceded it, Bokimane Paying for the DMCA, he was banned from Twitch for watching episodes of Avatar, the Last Airbender, live.

The controversy over DMCA Gaining momentum in 2020 as an unprecedented wave of penalties overwhelmed streaming companies for copyright violations.

Since then, the signers have doubled their vigils, but this is not always enough.

While she was dedicating herself to a special evening on Avatar, the last antenna socket in front of thousands of spectators, the ax fell, banning Pokeman from Twitch, leaving millions of her followers speechless.

Pokimane is part of a long list of streamers that have been banned from the Amazon streaming platform after streams dedicated to rebroadcasting TV shows, cartoons or movies appeared.

As in previous waves of bans, many operators began deleting video-on-demand, fearing penalties in turn.

How long will Pokimane be banned from Twitch?

Anyway, Pokimane took the news with a humorous tone. And she commented on her ban, saying that “Fire Nation attacked”, In reference to Avatar, the last airbender, the anime that made it banned.

Meanwhile, Pokimane confirmed that she will only be staying away from Twitch for 48 hours, with a really big presence “Live back for 12 hours” scheduled for Monday, January 10.

However, given the circumstances, one can only imagine that there will be no reruns of the anime on this live show.

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