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Lixy Pokémon Go novembre 2021 community day

Pokémon Go: Lixy Community Day – Date, Reward, Shine

Next community day in Pokemon Go It will take place on Sunday 21st November and it will be sparkling! The event will be dedicated to Lixy and if you are lucky, you will leave with one or more glitters.

Community Days are monthly events that feature at least one Pokémon. In addition to the increased spawn rate, we can find exclusive special studies related to the event, and rewards such as double experience points and rare attacks to unlock.

after, after Skylinux Last October, Niantic just announced Lexi, Flash Pokémon, will be the star of the Pokémon of the Community Day in November !

Follow trends in past Community Day events, Luxio (Lixy Evolution) will be able to learn a file attacks except During the event when you develop it into luxry. Here’s everything you need to know for Community Day in November 2021.

Date and time of November Community Day

This event will take place in Sunday 11 November 2021 from 11 am to me 17 hours (local time). So you will have 6 hours to enjoy all the rewards and rewards on this very special day.

November Exclusive Community Day Attack

Pokemon Company

Your awesome Lixy will be able to evolve into Luxray. Maybe my color will be even?

Once you evolve Luxio (Evolution of Lixy) in luxry during the event or up to two hours after the end (that is, until 7 pm), luxry You will learn an exclusive attack:

  • luxry Accused Attack: Psycho Crook

October Community Day Bonus

There will be many rewards Available During Lixy’s dedicated community day in November:

  • 30 Hyper Balls will recover Free During Community Day in the Store!
  • Take some pictures to show the 5 Lixys during the event
  • For €0.99 you will have access to a private study available only through Community Day in October: Lightening, luster and shine
  • For 1,280 PokéCoins, you can buy a community day chest to get 50 Hyper Balls, Elite Charged Attack TC, 4 Incense, and 4 Star Pieces.
  • Get 3 times more transformation candy and the ability to get XL candy multiplied by 4 while transporting
  • The hatching distance divided by 4
  • Incense and Temptation units activated during the event It will last three hours
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How to Prepare Well for Skelénox Community Day

pokemon go skelenox pokemon ball community day

You will need as many bouquet balls as possible for the Community Day event.

If you are planning to take part in Community Day, here are our tips to perfectly prepare and make the most of the event:

  • Buy at least two NSforget (Duration increased to 3 hours) For all day use and keep every TheEris which you have.
  • you have a lot of buckyballs In order to catch as many Pokemon as possible during the day
  • Make room in your pokemon chest
  • buying a ticket (If you wish) to the store to open the Community Day study

All Community Days Pokémon in 2021

That’s all you need to know about Lixy Community Day. The Electric Pokémon awaits you on Sunday, November 21, 2021 on Pokémon Go.