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PODCAST. Sixième Science, épisode 60 : invitation au voyage dans l

PODCAST Episode 60: An Invitation to Space Travel

Do you want to travel in space by choosing your payment method? This is what Sixième Science offers you . science podcast Science and the future And 20 minutes60 lahNS the ring.

Research based techniques

For this interstellar journey, it is up to you to choose your means of transportation, so what will you choose? Warp drive to go faster than light? Or maybe antimatter or plasmonic matter? Not forgetting the sails propelled by lasers or nuclear fusion to leave Earth. There are many techniques that are not science fiction but are all based on real and ongoing research work. At the microphone, Sylvie Roat and Fabrice Nicot, two space journalists at Science and the future. They answer Roman Clomis’ questions 20 minutes.

strange phenomena

But by the way, did you know that a very strange phenomenon awaits you on the other side of the window? Once you are well anchored, with the ship accelerating which will increase its speed as it approaches the light, the entire celestial scene will appear to narrow forward giving the paradoxical illusion of being away from it. And the towers on the side of the ship will pass in front of you …

While waiting to contemplate the view from above and get your boarding pass, step into the world of Sixth Science archives all available Here Or you can sign up for free to be.