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Plex asks its users to reset their passwords after hacking a computer

Plex asks its users to reset their passwords after hacking a computer

Plex media streaming service suffered a data breach after a hacker gained access to private information, including usernames and passwords.

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according to news Take CrunchIn an email sent to users, the company says it has detected suspicious activity in its databases. “We immediately launched an investigation and it appears that a third party was able to access a set of data including encrypted emails, usernames and passwords.”

In response to a question from TechCrunch, Plex’s vice president of engineering, Schuyler Ullman, wanted to reassure account passwords in a way that would make them unreadable to humans.

A spokesman for the American company did not specify the number of users who were affected by this breach of the computer, and only indicated that “the majority of accounts” were affected. This is why Plex asks all users to reset their passwords.

The platform is an application flow The most popular media, allowing users to stream movies and live TV, as well as their own audio, video and image files hosted on their own media servers.

Plex has more than 30 million users. A TechCrunch spokesperson told TechCrunch that both personal media and customer accounts are affected by the hack. Plex did not say what caused the break-in. However, it wanted to reassure its customers that credit and payment card data was not stored on the compromised servers.

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