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Pleasant visit by Régis Labeaume to "Sucré Salé"

Pleasant visit by Régis Labeaume to “Sucré Salé”

Never boring in an interview, the mayor of Quebec, Regis Labomme, shared a fun moment with Patrice Bellanger, which we will be attending on Monday on Sucre Sale.

Installed with his guest on top of the Olympic stadium mast, the host asked Mr. Labeaume about many topics. We will learn during the interview that the latter loves the multiculturalism of Montreal, that he listens to Pink Floyd in his office and that he devotes special attention to the amphitheater and tramway projects in Quebec.

Pleasant visit by Régis Labeaume to

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His affection when he was sworn in as the 37th mayor of Quebec City in 2007 (“I screamed like a cow!”), his frankness and inability to lie (“He wasn’t always elegant, he wasn’t always a hero, but I slept at night!”), his desire The honest will rest for a long time by leaving politics next November (“I’m tired of seeing my face (…). I want to have the intelligence to take a real “break” experience), and the possibility of a future career in the media (“I won’t do any media”). In Quebec. I was mayor of Quebec, that would be indecent…”), the sacrifices and ills inherent in his prestigious jobs: according to his custom, Régis Labaume does not avoid any question in his “Sucré Salé”.

The politician will even get a surprise for him exclusively… Somewhere in the Montreal sky. Continued…

  • Régis Labeaume at “Sucré Salé,” Mondays, 6.30pm and 10.35pm, on TVA.