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PlayStation Plus - The "Free" Games Pick for September 2021

PlayStation Plus – The “Free” Games Pick for September 2021

Selecting a PS Plus is likely to be shared.

We’re in September, which says September, unfortunately means back to school for a large portion of us who once again have to face a routine we easily forget about on vacation. But not everything should be discarded. The end of the year is looming with some promising games for example. Regarding PlayStation PlusFor his part, he will be happy to fill the time of those who do not have enough games. Provided that the impetus for the idea of ​​​​touching this “free” series of addresses intended for service members. Zoom in on the three images involved which may not please everyone.

Side game reserved for owner PlayStation 5, it would be a matter of indulging in a kitchen nightmare that can’t be beat until the fusion between Gordon Ramsay and Philip Echibest (huh, scary…). Yes that’s good Overcooked! All you can eat (which combines the two authors and all released downloadable content) that will be invited to PS Plus in order to make life difficult for chefs eager for laughs and challenges but also and above all for collaboration.

Then, when it’s time to heat up Playstation 4 Who is still far from giving up, it will be necessary to get them to talk in an asymmetrical multiplayer game pitting a team of four commandos against a lonely (but deadly) predator. Far from being an unforgettable game, Predator: hunting grounds He did not know, at the moment, a favorite profession. Perhaps he will use this clip on PlayStation Plus to stand out.

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Finally, to close September in brilliance, it will be one of the most dangerous bald people in video game history to take on the task at second killerThe second installment of Agent 47’s adventures since their reboot. restart it He has an excellent third book And who is certainly trying, with his PS Plus, to attract attention in his direction. We won’t blame him for this second book She was really so cute.

There you have it, you know all about which titles will be “free” in this inevitably dreary month of September.


Predator: hunting ground

hitman 2

Which game do you like the most in this selection of “free” PlayStation Plus games for September 2021?