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Players accused of sexual assault: QMJHL won't do anything different

Players accused of sexual assault: QMJHL won’t do anything different

The Major Hockey League of Quebec (QMJHL) is defending its handling of the thorny case of Victoriaville Tigres players accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

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“As we speak, there is nothing telling us to take a different direction than the one we took from the start,” league commissioner Gil Corto said Thursday into Philippe’s microphone. – Vincent Foissy on Radio QUB.

Nicholas Daigle and Massimo Siciliano were suspended indefinitely by the QMJHL on Wednesday, the day after charges were brought against them. The two players allegedly sexually assaulted a minor and filmed the scene on June 6. The charges allegedly occurred at a party in Lac Beauporte, northern Quebec, after winning the President’s Cup.

Gil Corto noted that the league had been aware of the allegations against its players “since June” and had cooperated with the authorities since the start of the police investigation.

“We have made the appropriate checks with our lawyers, in legal matters, for the file that concerns us, and we have our rights to act as we did with the players. When the charges were brought, we took action.

“We did not have to repeat the function of investigation in place of the police,” the commissioner added.

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