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Play Flag Monster, Futura Quest Box!

Play Flag Monster, Futura Quest Box!

Entering a new era, Futura releases its first game, Bête de Sciences, with Marabout editions. New, our Quiz Box scientifically challenges you and tests your culture with 700 questions!

To become a true science hunter, the principle is simple, you draw a card and answer the questions in the topics and sections that fascinate us in Futura and that have marked the world as well as the history of science: space exploration, black holes, exoplanets, environmental transformation, VaccinesVaccines mRNA, are you hereare you hereetc.

You have the option of a team game mode (2 to 10 teams with a minimum of 4 players and up to 20 players), or solo (of 2 players) to complete the course indicated in Hunter Science Cards, answering questions and taking on the challenges we have envisioned.

The game consists of:

  • 20 Science Hunter cards
  • 195 cards divided into 5 categories of questions:
    • space
    • Sciences
    • health
    • Technique
    • temper nature
    • and 25 challenge cards

Order your science monster test box online

Belgium and Switzerland: a concurrent publication in France.

Canada: Release 45 days after October 12th.

Dom Tom: + 1 month for West Indies, + 1 and a half months for Guyana, + 2 months for Reunion and + 3 months for Polynesia/New Caledonia.

Bête de science will also be available to order in French bookshops abroad.

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