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Blaz Kavcic s'en prend à l'Australie pour son traitement envers Novak Djokovic.

Plascocci attacked Australia the way Novak Djokovic did.

Former Slovenian tennis player Plas Kawsik believes world number one Novak Djokovic deserves better treatment than he did in Australia.

Shortly after his arrival in Australia, Djokovic’s visa was revoked and he was detained. Djokovic appealed and had his visa revoked, but Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawk used his powers to revoke the world’s number one visa.

Djokovic appealed again, but lost his case and was deported. Also, Djokovic was banned from entering Australia for 3 years. “Why did they let some people into Australia and change the rules for him …

Judgment is yours. But they should not threaten to put him in a CD hotel, pick up his phone and ban him from entering the country for the next two years.

That fact must be taken into account. ”

Djokovic has no qualms

In an interview with RTS, a Serbian public broadcaster, Djokovic said he would like to remember all the good memories of Melbourne Park when someone brings him to Australia.

“I will always remember all the good things that happened to me in Melbourne. I had a lot of professional and personal moments there. Despite all this, I have a great relationship with Australia.

The results I received in Melbourne show how I feel when I go there, “Djokovic said.” Everything that happened this year was completely unexpected.

It’s hard to forget, but I’m looking forward to coming back to Australia in the future and playing again at the Rod Laver Arena, “said Djokovic.

“Nothing in life is guaranteed, but all in all, I believed in my chances in Australia this year. I won and for all the other players, I dare not say I would have won, but I think I had a good chance,” Djokovic said. .

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