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La plaine d'Ansot a disparu, le 10 décembre 2021, sous les eaux de la Nive en crue qui ont noyé les bâtiments

Plaine d’Ansot and the museum are closed until further notice

closed door. Since last December 10 it has been impossible to cross access to Plaine d’Ansot in Bayonne at the end of the White Bridge that spans the Nive to connect the Florida site to the natural area of ​​Les Barthes. On that day, the vast wet land was flooded with water Live in the flood of his bed During the floods that characterized the Basque Country. Damage, particularly to the buildings that house Barth’s House and the Museum of Natural History, is significant. The site is closed until further notice.

damaged groups

Before they can reopen to the public, the Plaine d’Ansot trails must be cleaned and made safe. Maybe in a matter of days, even if an appointment hasn’t been set yet. The wait will be longer to get to Bart’s house and the Bayonne Museum of Natural History. the Five buildings on the site were severely damaged, in addition to the groups they contain. The water rose to 1.80 m.

At the moment, the teams of Sahel Ansut and the municipality are still assessing the damage and work to be done Before you can plan to reopen.

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