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Pizza lovers: a new must-visit restaurant in Quebec City

Roman pizza arrives in Quebec thanks morsoA new destination that offers an experience as engaging as it is authentic!

Freshness, creativity, exuberance and simplicity will be on time at this boutique restaurant located on 3H Quebec Street, in Limoilou.

After the Neapolitan pizza, it gave way to the Roman pizza, a pizza that is easily recognizable thanks to its elongated and oblong shape! We love its light and crunchy dough, just as much as eating reheated (or not reheated) food the next day!

Accompanied by his culinary brigade, Mirco D’Agata, the famous chef and world champion, offers us an incredible selection of pizzas: from the classic Margherita and Straciata di Burrata to the public zucchini and ricotta, by world champion Pancetta kubota and roasted hazelnuts!

In Quebec, Morso has become the province’s third store, a must for stocking up on Quebec luxury and Italian produce: Vesuvius apricot spread, Peranzana olive oil, Rossa Di Tropea onion antipasti, etc.

With Morso on 3H Avenue, it’s guaranteed gourmet delight… On-the-spot dining, pick-up or delivery.

Opening Friday, April 7th!

1099.3H Avenue, Quebec

for more details, click here.

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