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Pixel search for all Android smartphones (but not thanks to Google)

Google offers a lot of features with its Pixel interface, which we often like to see on other Android smartphones. Among them is Universal Search, which allows you to search apps and on Google simultaneously. Pixel Search clones this feature so you can use it on any model.

Google Pixel 7 Pro screen (right) is very bright // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Developer Rushikesh Kamewar has released a version of Universal Search found on the Pixel Experience interface on the Play Store. It allows you to search from the same place in contacts, files, applications, shortcuts, etc. Everything sporting the material you design is in Google Apps.

Pixel Search: A piece of Pixel on any model

It should be remembered that a few years ago, a universal search was found on many Android smartphones, and Google search results and other applications were also integrated. Today, only a few facades remain. Among them, there is MagicOS, the interface for Honor smartphones, which allows you to search for applications, but also in your calendar or in your contacts.

It’s the Spanish media Xataka that indicate the existence of this Android app. Thus, Pixel Search is not an official Google app, but it uses the global search system found on Pixels.

Be warned, the installation can be intimidating: you have to authorize a lot of application access: contacts, files, shortcuts, applications, and so on. However, you can use Pixel Search without abandoning it, although this greatly reduces the interest of the application. Unless you really trust its developer (which we don’t know), we don’t recommend giving these permissions to Pixel Search on your primary smartphone. We don’t know what he can do with all that data and he could put it to good use if he wanted to.

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The quick search bar allows you to choose which app to search in: Google, Chrome (this can be useful if you have a search engine other than Google), YouTube, Google Maps, Play Store, Netflix, YouTube Music, Twitter or even Spotify. This is the case if these apps are installed on your smartphone.

Customization options for this comprehensive search application

In settings, you can deselect search modes, and tell the app where you don’t want it to appear. Configuration goes so far that you can even remove specific apps from the search.

If you can do a search by opening the app, it won’t be his top concern. Pixel Search provides a 4-square widget (included), identical to the classic Google search bar found by default on the home screen of all Android smartphones. What should be replaced to get the most out of the Rushikesh Kamewar app. On the visual side, you can choose different icon packs and switch between light mode and dark mode.

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