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Pivotal Elections for Democrats and Republicans in Virginia

Pivotal Elections for Democrats and Republicans in Virginia

The Democrats have the White House and Congress, and they don’t even know how to push their policies forward. Joe Biden is dropping in the polls and Democrats are tearing themselves apart, nice to seeSaid Said, who has been fighting for Republicans since Dwight Eisenhower was elected president in 1953.

Jim Wilson supports the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin.

Photo: Radio Canada/Frederic Arnold

On Beauregard Street in Alexandria, cars sway every now and then at the sight of the red republican signs.

It must be said that Jim has a backup. Not far from his truck, two from his car country brothers They wave their posters in Yongkin’s colors, amidst a forest of streamers.

It was on a street corner that evening, there was a second debate against Glenn Youngkin and Democrat Terry McAuliffe specifically. The first is a millionaire, supported in his race by Donald Trump, and the second is the Democratic governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2018.

The Republicans were shunned by Virginia voters for more than 10 years, who favored installing Democrats in the state legislature. However, the red You feel the wind turning in their favour. It will be too tightJim Wilson confirms.

Certain Democratic fatigue

To the north of the state, in Leesburg, Christophe Le Ménestrel works weekly with his team. This French-American, founder of the VA Democracy Forward, has lived in Virginia for 23 years and wears the colors of the Democratic Party. wears his jacket Keep Virginia Blue.

Christophe Le Minstrelle, founder of the VA Democracy Forward, gives door-to-door instructions.

Democrats are preparing to campaign in Leesburg, Virginia, to elect their candidate, Terry McAuliffe, for governor.

Photo: Radio Canada/Frederic Arnold

A month ago, I thought, Terry McAuliffe, would be given. But we see Republicans are very excited, and there are a lot of people who still think that the election was stolen from them, that Trump really won and they are very excited.Get to know the activist.

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One of his campaign companions, Judith Edstrom, agrees. I must admit that the Republicans are more organized than the Democrats. We think, we analyze, we analyze, we analyze, but we do nothing. We must change, we must organize, admit.

Add to that the difficulties of recruiting volunteers and you’ll have a slight wind of panic between blues. We see an effect as many of the Democrats who elected Biden last year say, “Mission accomplished, we can rest a bit.”

Sadly, everything that’s going on in Congress seems off, and Biden just doesn’t seem to get things done, thus having an effect on the slightly more advanced people who have been waiting for it. Biden is quickly changing things up.

Quote from:Christophe Le Minstrel, democratic activist
Door-to-door Democratic activists in Leesburg, Virginia

Surveillance doorbells don’t make it easy for activists campaigning in Virginia.

Photo: Radio Canada/Frederic Arnold

creepy doorbells with cctv camera

The key to successful reversal, according to Christophe Le Minstrel, is the good old door. But the other obstacle this Saturday is the doorbell with the security cameras. With these cameras, the response rate at the doors drops dramatically. It’s a shame, but that’s how it isActivist fired.

So the harvest was rather poor that morning. Anyway, the task bluesAbout a month before the general election, not to persuade Republicans to vote for their candidate: There is no need to waste time persuading them, because the time has come to mobilize the Democratic electorate, which is key to winning.

What we’re seeing more and more are mixed couples, where the man is generally a republican and the woman a democrat, and so maybe we can fully convince the couple., Christophe Le Minstrel continues, adding that it’s still better Test the water so you don’t waste too much time with it.

Talk like a narrow campaign

Several members of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce came that evening to hear the candidates for the position of governor.

The date is to prove that Democrats are in control while, for the first time, a poll gives a slim victory to a Republican, Terry McAuliffe’s team isn’t too proud to share the stage with the two Republicans who came to the podium. employment.

One is David Ramadan, a former Republican elected to the state legislature, and the other is Billy Kristol, a longtime Republican who served in the Bush Sr. Today, he supports Terry McAuliffe, Democrat.

If you look at the candidates’ backgrounds and personalities, there’s no doubt that Terry McAuliffe would be a much better governor than Republican Glenn Yongkin, and much more on the right., s’exclame Billy Kristol.

A group of Democratic volunteers prepare to go door-to-door in Leesburg, Virginia.

Democrats rally for Virginia’s governor

Photo: Radio Canada/Frederic Arnold

This second somewhat tepid controversy saw Terry McAuliffe attempt to portray his opponent as another contender Donald Trump Who says one thing in the countryside and another in the right radio.

Unfavorable to the compulsory vaccination of state employees, Glenn Youngkin prefers trying to prove that the Democrat is only thinking of imposing more taxes on Virginians.

Beyond the clamor, political scientist Larry Sabato, a professor at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, believes that one year after the midterm elections, this ballot will be a good test of the ability of Republican and Democratic forces to mobilize.

Traditionally, he said, when a party takes control of the White House and Congress, it loses a feather in the midterm elections, and he wouldn’t be surprised if that happened in Virginia.

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The challenge for Democrats is to mobilize their base. Republicans don’t have a majority of voters in Virginia, but you know the world is run by those who voteHe said smiling.

Longtime Republican activist Jim Wilson believes that Glenn Youngkin could win Virginia's governorship.

Jim Wilson, a 79-year-old Republican who has campaigned for his party since Dwight Eisenhower was elected president.

Photo: Radio Canada/Frederic Arnold

When the right to abortion arises

Youngkin has a very beautiful family, very attractive, and is very religious.As Jim Wilson says, he’s still comfortably seated in his truck. But what will have a decisive impact, he says, in the final weeks of the campaign, is Possibly vaccination and abortion obligations.

The fact that abortion has returned to the center of political concerns does not go unnoticed in Virginia. After Texas, which passed a law banning the termination of any pregnancy as soon as a heartbeat is detected, or about six weeks into the last period, the Mississippi abortion rights restriction law will soon come to find itself ahead of US Supreme Court justices.

The stakes are high, because it can overturn the famous ruling ru c. valley It dates back to 1973, which guarantees some access to abortion throughout the United States.

Christophe Le Minstrelle did not hesitate to take up this issue in the hope of moving this dubious and narrow election campaign in favor of the Democrats.

The reason we don’t want to elect the Republican candidate is because he will do in Virginia what they did in Texas, for an abortion, so Virginia will go there if a Republican is elected. It’s crowding a lot of people this year, he claims.

A crackdown on this polarizing issue? Betting is risky. Democrats and Republicans have until November 2 to tip the scales in Virginia’s favour.