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Pierre Renfret has passed away at the age of 72

Pierre Renfret has passed away at the age of 72

Evelyn Audet just announced very sad news on the broadcast waves of 91.9 Sports: Pierre Renfret has passed away in the last hours. He’s been in palliative care for about two months, and he’s been battling lung cancer (as we understand it) for about a year. Do the math and you will understand that Pierre has been on the air for a long time despite his illness. #warrior

91.9 Sports published a press release a few minutes after Evelyn’s announcement.

Peter was 72 years old. He’s been on radio since he was 17 and has been in 91.9 sports for seven years.

I also had the opportunity to do some columns with Pierre when I started on radio in 2016. He taught me what rigor and importance is.

Pierre also did several TV shows during his years in the media, in particular describing hundreds of hockey games.

I would like to offer my deepest condolences to all of Pierre Renfret’s family and friends. The honor multiplied since this morning on social networks. Damn cancer!

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