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Pictures of a young woman burning

Pictures of a young woman burning

Another police series? Yes sir, yes madam! And it unfolds in an exciting and intriguing way on our screens, led by the increasingly influential duo of Quebec TV, Sophie Lauren and Alexis Durand-Brault.

Hugo DumasHugo Dumas

This grandmother called Android image It is released on Videotron’s Club illico on Thursday. It looks very good. The one-hour-long episodes revolve around Yves Garance (excellent Rachel Graton), a forensic portrait painter assigned to the Unresolved Special Crimes Unit of the Montreal Police, led by Maryse Veron (Sophie Lauren).

Photo by Jan Torkut, courtesy of ILLICO

Rachel Graton plays Yves Garrance, a court portrait painter at the center of the series Robot image, Which starts on Thursday.

Eve delves into the minds of crime victims and helps them remember specific details of the attacker’s face, the scent of their perfume, or a special scar. Great to see it in action. It’s like a hypnosis session. Stop the image here. Turn off the sound. What jumps in your face? This is a drawing of the face of the person who kidnapped you.

Sometimes Eve gets into a trance like Eleven in Weird thingsWithout nosebleeds. Real “eccentric”, mates mocked, but intuitive eccentric.

This “supernatural” aspect of a realistic detective thriller could have been misplaced. but not. It works.

All of the surveys Android image Rings on two rings. The first case relates to the disappearance of young girls who were kidnapped in Montreal and were drugged and tied for days. One of the victims (Roman Denis, very fair), now 20, is getting her memories back and her memories finally come back. There are orange flames in the sky, abandoned old washing machines, and a pungent smell. Where was she captive?

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The slow construction of the robot image allows the viewer to suspect the various characters in the series, who are physically similar to each other. Here, he has blue eyes, too. Well, why does stepfather (Hubert Prolux) seem so suspicious to us? The more episodes progressed, the compound looked like the suspect that we actually saw on the show without actually seeing it.

Photo by Jan Torkut, courtesy of ILLICO

Sophie Loren plays the head of the investigation unit, Maryse. We see her next to the character of Eve.

About the painter Eve, a young woman who has suffered a great deal of trauma, revolves around other complex figures, starting with the patron of this investigation cell dedicated to unresolved cases (Cold situations), Maryse (Sophie Loren). Stuck in a wheelchair, Maryse is living with Vitreous syndrome. Her hat and Cartesian spirit never leaves her. It also pulls the heavy burdens of life.

Photo by Jan Torkut, courtesy of ILLICO

Remy Gerrard plays lead investigator Bernard Dupin, better known as Mulluser.

Then there is the lead investigator named Bernard Dupin (Remy Gerrard), better known as Moloss. A champion in solving serious business. Alone and at the end of his career, Bernard shines when a new crime scene technician, Anthony (Adrian Belogo), tries to ally with him. But beneath his rude and retro vibe, Bernard appears to be an honest cop, although a mysterious scene leaves our minds in doubt at the end of Episode Two.

A mysterious character played by Jean-Francois Bechet – with a completely shaved head – appears at the same time, and really makes you want to start the next episode. And the next.

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In a way Mindhunter From Netflix, the unit for Portrait of Robot runs in a decaying yellowish vault, giving a different visual style from the classic detective series to District 31 or Alerts. The use of special effects, such as replacing heads with robotic images, is very successful. Alexis Durand-Browlett and Jan Lanouette-Turgon are sharing an investigation Android imageLicked and inspired.

It’s André Gouloni (Eye of the stormAnd the LotWho signs the scenarios. Like the premium chain LyingAnd the Android image The kind of TV project that can run for several seasons. The investigation unit remains, but the madmen change!

Sunday data table

Sunday evening is still very busy on Quebec TV. At the top of the ratings list, celebrate a party star Academy TVA with 1,273,000 fans. Not far behind, Everyone is talking about it Followed with 966,000 loyalists for the position.

After Anais Favron, it was comedian Alexander Barrett’s turn to take up the Crazy King’s chair, making me laugh. Anais Favron too, with a different style. I love this period of testing and rotating on Everyone is talking about it. Can we vote for our favorites at the end of the season?

I’m still on TVA, vlog 728,000 inquisitors joined, while the final Celebrity big brother On Noovo seen by 656,000 followers. back Older brother In 2022 it is not yet formalized in Novo. However, reality TV’s excellent numbers indicate its revamp, in a celebrity version or with audience nominated candidates such as The occupation is double.