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Pictures: It’s beautiful, a Swiss flag!

Pictures: It’s beautiful, a Swiss flag!

the pictures

It’s beautiful, the Swiss flag!

Nineteen works have won the international jury for the 2023 Swiss National Fund for Science Image Competition.


A shot of the transparent abdomen of a glass frog wins first prize in the ‘Subject of Study’ category. Taken by Francesca Angiolani-Laria, a doctoral student at the University of Bern, this image won the jury its “simple and effective composition” that offers “a fascinating and innovative point of view.”

Francesca Angiolani Larrea

The 2023 SNSF Science Photo Contest has announced its winners. The nineteen award-winning works reveal science’s small coincidences and offer new perspectives on the world around us.

The transparent frog belly, the vet’s tender gesture, the unlikely symbiosis of bees and electronic circuits, the hypnotic disturbances: the jury’s selection for the 2023 FNS Science Photo Contest highlights diverse science ranging from the high-tech to the human, from the physical world to the biological world. The jury awarded four first prizes and 15 prizes, which was a record. Since 2017, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) competition has invited researchers working in Switzerland to show the everyday life of research in a new light. 435 works were submitted this year.

The Videos category is won by visualizing turbulence around the wing of an aircraft. Directed by Cyprien de Sepibus, PhD student at HES-SO and EPFL University of Landscape, Engineering and Architecture of Geneva, the film “magically makes the invisible visible,” leading us “from the physical world into a vaporous outpouring of virtual appearance,” the jury writes.

Visualize turbulence around the wing of an aircraft

Cyprian of Sepibus

The jury also awarded fifteen distinctions which include a representation of exclusion by children, an abstract artwork resulting from a chemical analysis, a stunning visualization of the cerebrospinal fluid around the optic nerve or even a weighing of the past put on stage through an archival work.

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Nearly 2,800 photos and videos are available for free

a Online gallery It provides free access to all of the images submitted to the competition to date, approximately 2,800 works. The winning photos and videos of the 2023 edition can be discovered at the Biel Photographic Days exhibition from 5 to 28 May 2023 and in particular during a guided tour shown on 27 May 2023.

“The competition offers a sobering, rich and diverse view of what research is today,” comments Matthias Egger, Chair of the National Research Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation. Of the grantees, half are young people with doctoral degrees, half are women, and the other half have come to Switzerland from abroad. These numbers clearly reflect the dynamism and diversity of the next generation of scientists.”

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