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Pictures |  Al-Safir Bridge: The police are expelling the demonstrators

Pictures | Al-Safir Bridge: The police are expelling the demonstrators

Windsor police, with much greater force than before, began evacuating the “Freedom Caravan” protesters from around the Ambassador Bridge on Saturday morning, an operation that did not have the desired effect during the day.

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Windsor Police and its policing partners have begun to enforce the law in and near the Ambassador Bridge. We urge all protesters to act legally and peacefully. “Proponents are always asked to avoid areas affected by demonstrations at this time,” the morning police service said on its Twitter account.

Many motorists left the place, but a few fanatics, mostly pedestrians, remained.

Hours after the operation began, the authorities issued a new warning to the protesters’ resistance, reminding them that they would face arrest.

Faced with a lack of progress, police confirmed shortly after 4pm on Twitter that “active enforcement of the parking law in the demonstration area begins” and that vehicles “tickets are issued and towed.” However, the demonstrators increased around 5:30 pm, while the police had not moved for several hours, according to the “Windsor Star”.

Global News reported that uniformed police, as well as tactical teams and snipers were seen at the scene as the siege entered its sixth day. Two armored vehicles of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and armed officers were also present.

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“If you arrive in numbers with equipment and then in uniform, it is because you intend to achieve things,” Mario Bernec, a retired captain of the Sûreté du Québec, said in an interview with LCN.

The number of protesters is still melting like snow in the sun on the Ambassador Bridge, from 200 on Friday evening to just over two dozen in the morning, according to the media.

However, hundreds of people are still present on Huron Church Road located near the bridge. “A crisis is being managed in the present, and acts of resistance are managed in the present, […] This should be done with a specific goal,” added Mr. Bernecki.

An injunction to expel protesters who have been blocking traffic on the Ambassador Bridge since Monday from Detroit in the United States to Windsor, Ontario, was issued Friday after a hearing in the United States Supreme Court of Justice. Ontario.

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“Obviously, I’m glad the court made this order as a way to help end the illegal occupation of Ambassador Bridge. At the same time, I’m disappointed that he has to come to this,” Mayor Drew Delkins said in a statement.

“We are confident that Canada, at the municipal, provincial and federal levels, understands the urgent need to act,” a White House official told the Detroit News on Friday.