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Picnic Zone, Season 4 | Episode 53: Projection into the Future

The Canadian season ends while half of the team is down. What will training look like next season when all the injured are back? Who will be the first goalkeeper? Will there be a place for Sean Farrell? Will Pierre-Luc Dubois move into the Hab? Will Kent Hughes swap defenders forward? Host Jeremy Renville and panelists Richard Labbe, Alexander Pratt, and Stefan Witt disagree. We also receive Canadian defenders coach Stephane Robidas, who reviews his team and tells us which player surprised him the most.

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I’m not telling you that the Canadian, next year, will fight for the Stanley Cup. On the other hand, if everything is put in place, and if the management has an interesting summer, I see this club in February fighting for a place in the play-offs.

Richard Lapp

Physically, he is clearly not ready. Playing a year or two against the top players in the MLS would do him good.

Stephen White, as Sean Farrell

As a coach, I’ve learned to really appreciate him, the way he behaves, he’s calm. I think he’s a very good presence for our young defensive brigade.

St├ęphane Robidas, on David Savard

Episode details

Block 1

  • 0:40 – Interview with Canadian Defense Coach St├ęphane Robidas

Template 2

  • 10:45pm – 5-2 Canadiens rout against Panthers; Farrell, Harvey Benard & Company

Template 3

  • 45:35 – A series of struggles in the East and West
  • 49:05 – The Bruins are already regular season champions
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