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Picking up dead leaves: "Bullshit!"

Picking up dead leaves: “Bullshit!”

Each fall, many Quebecers spend many hours picking up dead leaves that have fallen to the ground, a practice that, however, is not recommended.

“It really doesn’t make sense to do that,” explains Matthew Byland, an expert in forest management and the environment, in an interview with Quebec Matin.

Leaving them on the ground will help biodiversity and the environment and save time.

“There is no reason to do this! Leaving leaves on the ground will encourage insects, butterflies and earthworms. If there are insects, the entire urban food chain will be in a better position. Birds will come. People pay a lot for bird feeders [laisser les feuilles au sol] It’s a simple way to lure them in,” explains Mr. Biland.

A study in the US revealed that 12% of waste consists of yard waste that can be left on the ground.

In addition, the leaves are considered a natural fertilizer. We will save time and money. It really is easier.

However, the leaves should not be left pressed into a thick carpet on the floor. Instead, they need to be cut so that the grass can breathe.

“The best tool is a mower. We are going to reduce the height of the mower, and we are waiting for it to dry, because it will be much easier,” explains the expert in planning and environment.

If the leaf plate is too thick, the dead leaves can be used as mulch in flowerbeds or in the garden, or placed in compost.

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