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Pia Gym Space: Kids' gym classes in anticipation

Pia Gym Space: Kids’ gym classes in anticipation

Young children can move on from the next school year with gymnastics lessons. Great initiative.

Pia Espace Gym is innovating and would like to offer, at the beginning of the school year in September, gym classes for children: motor skills and body discovery (for 12-36 months), motor development and start-up in the gym (for 3-6 years). ).).

In order to implement this project, the organizers are asking the Pianencs to collect their opinion via an online form*: “We launched this survey to assess the interest of the Pianencs. The feedback has been very positive. It is a great project close to our hearts. We are all three mothers of young children and we wanted to develop fitness classes for children”, Explained by Liz, Jennifer and Julie. “Then the city council suggested a children’s gym because it does not exist in Piya. That is why we are expanding our activities and will offer courses for everyone and all ages, men, women and children from 12 months of age. Says Jennifer, President.

Pre-registration has begun this summer

It indicates that the educators will be able to accompany the children if the parents agree to this. Pre-registration is sure to start during the summer. An interesting project that will expand the many activities offered by this dynamic association.

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