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[PHOTOS] Deconfinement: Quebecers tear down the stands

[PHOTOS] Deconfinement: Quebecers tear down the stands

Although the weather was fairly cold on Friday, the bright sunshine prompted foodies to flock to their favorite restaurant to celebrate the reopening of the terraces. So much so, that many are almost full in the evening, much to the delight of restaurant owners who see this weekend as training ahead of the official opening of their dining room on Monday.

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“Good deconfinement! “ Legault launches

QMI’s photo, Joel LeMay

Prime Minister Francois Legault settled with his wife on the balcony of Chez Lévêque Restaurant in the Outremont region at around 4 pm on Friday to celebrate both Deconfinent and his birthday, which happened on May 26. “I would like to take this opportunity to say my thanks to the Quebecers who have made worthwhile efforts. On a happiness scale from 1 to 10, I’m not far from 10. The good breakup!” Co-owner Patricia Levick said she was “really honored” to receive the Prime Minister on her balcony .

CV Traditions

For Josée Marcoux and Claude Boily (photo) Saint-Émile retirees, being able to finally sit on the balcony is a breath of fresh air. “We are so happy to live again, it was like taking a break, and here we are again. It’s spring, it’s sunny, we’re on a balcony, we’ve got beer, what more could you ask for?”I Marco. “It’s like we had oxygen, in good French: We couldn’t be more than that! We missed seeing people communicate and interact. And the couple are no stranger to the establishment with a sporty atmosphere.”I Marco.

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For other customers at La Cage Brasserie sports restaurant Lebourgneuf, it is an opportunity to reconnect with certain traditions, left aside during the pandemic, like going for a beer with colleagues on Friday at the end of the day. “We work in the house next door, at the Industrial Alliance, and it was usually a Friday afternoon having a beer at La Cage,” says Philip Livranso. “Today I started to custom,” Carl Dennis excited, seated opposite.

Reassured Vaccination

Photo of Didier Debuscher

Mass vaccination assuages ​​some concerns. “You feel more secure when you go out,” says Kathryn Quintero, enjoying a meal at the restaurant and bistro, La Souche, in Limelo. “This reassures me a little,” said the person who avoided restaurants during their previous reopening. “We are delighted to reopen it to celebrate our birthdays,” says this Lemilio resident, accompanied by her friend Gala Petit.

Loyal to the position For four Decades!

Photo of Didier Debuscher

For nearly 40 years, Jean Maynard was the first customer of Auberge et Restaurant Louis-Hébert. As a loyal customer for several decades, he did not want to miss the reopening of his favorite establishment to the world.

“It became a second family for me. During the period of confinement, he instructed us here several times to encourage them and keep the torch,” said the man who took the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of his friend Michel Brunet.

“We became friends with the owner and his son, and celebrate all of our wonderful moments here.” The latter said, “It was important for you to come and support them today.”

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In the morning restaurant In the evening

Met at the restaurant le Grand Café, in the Grande Allée, Carmen Vale and Robert Henderson were enjoying their second meal of the day on the terrace. They were totally expecting to be back on charge at dinner time.

“We take the opportunity to sample the various restaurants in Quebec. It’s been so long since we came out! »Explains M.I Laugh wrong.

The couple was interested in starting their vacation in the Old Capital just in time for the restaurants to reopen. It is intended to encourage as many restaurants as possible during the weekend.

“The atmosphere was really what we missed the most. We’ve been locked in the house for over a year, it’s fun to see people and talk!” Says Mr. Henderson.

Good for the soul

For several years now, Marty Lefevre and co-worker Nadia Fournier have been celebrating the coming of summer with good Saint-Hubert lobster rolls. When they heard that the stands opened on Friday, they took the opportunity to continue their traditions.

“It feels good, it’s good for morale!” Says M.I Fournier, all smiles.

“Especially when you are a single individual. We have been deprived of social contact so much that it is comforting to be able to see other human beings,” adds her friend.

back to work Who does good

Photo of Didier Debuscher

“I am really happy to be able to see my colleagues and clients again, see people and occupy my days,” confirms Cecil Deutsch, barista at Café Krieghoff on Cartier Street.

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As a student, she found the past few weeks especially long when her lessons ended, when almost everything was shut down. When her boss called her to get back to work, she didn’t hesitate for a second.

“It feels really good!” She screams, like most restaurants he’s met Newspaper, Friday.

Manpower is still in short supply

Although they are “very happy” to be able to reopen their doors to customers for the first time in two months, many restaurants still say they have a major problem with staff.

For some, the Canadian Economic Stimulus Advantage (PCRE) – the successor to the PCU – remains more profitable than returning to work, while others are reorienting their careers.

“I miss at least five kitchen staff, more than half of my staff, and maybe two or three hostesses. I have to work in the kitchen while I’m waiting,” says Christopher Chouinard, owner of Le Grand Café.

The owner of Galway and Claddagh bars had to delay the opening of the latter to allow the former to acquire sufficient staff. “There is a certain frustration, we are not able to open up as we would like,” he said with a sigh.

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