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Photo gallery in the cultural space MP

Photo gallery in the cultural space MP

mask. Members of the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi (CJE) met in Maskinongé last Thursday at the office of Representative Simon Allaire to present the photographs they took in the four corners of the MRC.

During the opening of the paintings in the Chamber of Deputies, many young people expressed their enthusiasm to display their photos.

If the five exhibitions held in the cultural space of the deputy are always for painters, then this is the first that includes pictures. Mr. Allier is pleased to see that they will be able to promote the beautiful area.

“For the first time, we innovate, we do things a little differently: they are pictures! The deputy explains, his voice full of enthusiasm. “We have formed a partnership with Carrefour Jeunesse-emploi, and the people from CJE made good use of their youth, asking them to go to the territory of Maskinongé, in each of the municipalities of the 17, take pictures, so it makes us rediscover the beautiful MRC. That’s what they did, and that’s what we’re showing today. »

It was Daniel Galbert, a well-known regional photographer and resident of Saint-Paulin, who worked with young people to teach them various photographic techniques through this project. As the young people mention, they really enjoyed learning more about the craft, and were amazed to see what they could do with photography.

As part of this project, Jessica Ole Blanchett spent a significant portion of her time in Louisville, Sainte-Ile-de-Caxton, Saint Paul, Saint Leon and Maskinungi taking photos, she said. “I loved discovering the profession as a photographer, and seeing how affected the camera is. It really allowed me to test the job, since we take the pictures ourselves, we choose the place and the subject we want to shoot, and it’s up to us to make the subject look good on the eyes,” she explains.

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Many of the photos taken have been edited. Jessica asserts that she also learned a lot about computer editing, such as being able to retouch a photo with light.

“I sincerely hope the world will realize that bigger things don’t have to be beauty. You can take small items, little things into cities, and you can realize how wonderful it is. When you take the time to search, you can find anything, as in Saint-Léon, it’s a very small town, but there are great places when you take the time to stop and look. I really think people will notice this,” says the young photographer.

For his part, Mathieu Claremont was interested in choosing a few places in the MRC to photograph. Even if he didn’t take a picture himself, he found the exercise interesting to target specific angles of the area that could be the subject of beautiful photographs.

“We really tried to take the elements that represent the municipality a lot, whether they are big attractions, so that we can highlight the city, because in fact, most of these municipalities have really beautiful aspects, like Magasin Général Lebrun, in Maskinongé, the churches in most of the municipalities , and truly recognized, such as Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue in Louiseville “What interests me most is what makes the city shine,” says Mathieu.

Simon Allaire also mentions that there will be other fairs coming up in his constituency office, particularly with a community organization. Some artists will also present their work in the cultural space during the summer.