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Phil Danault continues to publicly humiliate Marc Bergevin

Phil Danault continues to provide counsel to his CEO.

Mark Bergevin…

– Daily..

– Danault takes it back to BERGY’s face….

“During the negotiations with Montreal, I wanted to prove to them that I was an offensive player. I wanted to stay with CH until the end of my career.”

“I’ve seen my role change in the playoffs, but with what I’ve proven in recent years, my role shouldn’t have changed in Montreal. I’ve proven that I can produce both defensively and offensively. I don’t know if I want to limit myself to just a defensive role.”

– Bergevin denied that he offered 30 million contracts for six years, with an annual salary of five million. The offer was rejected by the Danault clan in September 2020.

– Petrie just received a four-year offer of $6.25 million per season,

– Right after Phil Danault was turned down, Bergevin decided to give CASH (and more) to Brendan Gallagher.

– 6 years… and 6.5 million dollars annually…

Mark Bergevin admits to his relatives that he is disappointed that the Danault clan did not make a counteroffer.

– Bergwijn swears that he was ready to pay $ 5.5 million a year. And it’s the same salary that the Kings gave TI-PHIL.

– In the end, Bergevin will be completely spoiled….by “exchanging” Phil Danault and Jespery Kotaniemi… for Christian Dvorak….

– Still weird to think he ended up losing his job….. only to end up in California… with Danault..

– The two men do not see each other in Los Angeles …

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They hardly talk to each other…

– But every day…

– Phil Danault reminds Mark Bergevin why he was shot…