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Test Phantom Abyss Caverne

Phantom Abyss Quiz – Be the best temple explorer

Available in early access since June 22, Phantom Abyss is a new rogue-like asynchronous multiplayer game Developed by Team WIBY and published by Devolver Digital. Dive into the heart of temples, each more dangerous than the next, in search of legendary relics in order to make history. In the form of a first-person platformer game, you will only have one chance to beat randomly generated temples.

While the focus is on multiplayer games, this asynchronous mode brings a certain novelty to the video game scene. It was advertised as a real challenge, Phantom Abyss stands out from other titles Through many points we will discover during this test.

(Test de phantom abyss In early access made on PC from a publisher-provided version)


The heart of the title is based on asynchronous multiplayer, which consists of advancing through temples while observing ghosts of other players who have already tried it. This makes it easy to predict deadly traps and find hidden chests in order to get coins. So it is suggested that we enjoy a solo adventure while trying to do better than the other players and succeed where they failed.

Despite this competitive aspect, ghosts can help you learn different techniques to move faster, such as being able to use your whip on chests to retrieve loot from a distance, strategies not mentioned in the tutorial. Additionally, when you die, loot and whips will be locked up in the temple and can be collected for free if another player manages to obtain the relics.

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The result is a certain community spirit in phantom abyss As each temple has a symbol that can be shared with your friends so that they can beat it or fail in the same temple as you. At the moment, some modes are still in development because we mention it again, that the title is still in early access and many new features should be available when it is released.

Well Calculated Difficulty

If you are looking for a challenge then Phantom Abyss is for you. In fact, it is not enough to avoid traps armed with your whip, dangerous guardians monitor each temple and will gain power as you advance into its depths. Each floor will increase the ranger’s power which will affect his movement or attack speed. There are actually three levels available for each temple but it is still possible to get out of it early to keep your loot and bless your whip.

On the third floor of each level, you will have the option to advance to the next level, get close to the legendary relic, or try to get the remains of the person you are. However, the traps will be more and more dangerous and the guardians more and more terrifying, but if you succeed, this will allow you to unlock new, more powerful whips.

To help you out as you explore, whips have beneficial effects but also penalties as long as they aren’t blessed with a strong enough effect. In addition, statues of blessings will be placed at the end of each floor for purchase, with coins in chests, and bonuses that improve your moves or health. In addition, the difficulty is progressive and allows us to really feel our progress phantom abyss.

With asynchronous multiplayer mode and punitive difficulty, Phantom Abyss stands out from other games and presents us with a real challenge. Although there are some minor bugs, which do not affect our games, it is very good to explore many temples in search of relics. Real strategies can be built using different whips and blessings in order to choose whether or not to advance further in the different temples.

The soundtrack is also very successful and adapts according to your progress, noting for example the appearance and encounters between different guardians. So we can’t wait to be able to take advantage of the title when its early access is released to discover new features, and why there are no new modes or customization options added. Reminder, Phantom Abyss is now available on Steam and on Nvidia’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming platform.