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Petrie and Evans will be on a trip to Vegas

Petrie and Evans will be on a trip to Vegas

Defenseman Jeff Petry and forward Jake Evans travel with the Canadiens in the first two games of their third-round series against the Golden Knights in Vegas. However, it would be surprising if these two players will wear their uniforms on Monday to kick off the series.

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“Everyone is traveling, including Petrie and Evans,” head coach Dominique Ducharme said Saturday via video conference.

“We know his level of play, continued Ducharme, about Petri. You can’t replace a player with one. It has to be done collectively. If he doesn’t play a game or two, he still has to be replaced collectively.”

Petrie had just missed the fourth and final game of the previous series against the Winnipeg Jets.

A happy surprise, Saturday morning, at Broussard: Evans skated for the first time since he was knocked out by a very aggressive check from Marc Schevel. It is reported that the striker suffered a concussion in the first match of the series between his team against the Gates, in the second round of the qualifiers. Scheifele hit him late in the game after slipping the disc into an empty cage.

“He still has some steps to make, but it’s a step in the right direction,” Ducharme said. Our priority is to get it back to 100%, even if that requires a few more days.”

Asked to comment on the fact that coach Paul Morris did not shake hands with his players at the end of the series against the Gates, Ducharme did not mind.

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“It’s a personal choice,” Ducharme said simply.

For good reason, the trainer is already well focused on the Golden Knights.