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Peter Dinklage violently attacks Disney and its new version of "Snow White"

Peter Dinklage violently attacks Disney and its new version of “Snow White”

American actor Peter Dinklage has criticized Disney Studios for their lack of representation for dwarfed people.

Peter Dinklage violently attacked Disney because of the new version of the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfswhich he described as a “faux **** step back” in the representation of people with dwarfism.

The American actor has been outspoken in his anger at studios embracing diversity in choosing roles for their new projects, but diversity is detrimental to others.

He said, “I was very surprised by their pride that they chose a Hispanic woman like Snow White. However, we are still talking about his story and the story of the Seven Dwarfs.”

He continued, “We want to be progressive on the one hand, but in terms of the story of dwarves living in a cave, it remains a step backwards. Bo ****, but what do you do? Apparently, I did nothing on my part to further the cause. Maybe I’m not loud enough.

Disney responded in a statement, saying, “In order to avoid reinforcing the stereotypes of the original film, we have decided to take a different approach with these seven characters and consult with people from this community.

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