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Pete Davidson responds to Kanye straight from Kim K's bed

Pete Davidson responds to Kanye straight from Kim K’s bed

A new chapter has just been added to the bizarre story involving Kanye West, ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and new boyfriend Pete Davidson.

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Sunday morning, a private conversation between the two men ended up on the Internet.

Several weeks after he was abused by the rapper, Davidson responded to West in a series of posts that were leaked on Instagram.

Pete approached Kanye and asked him to calm down. He went on to praise Kim, reminding her how lucky her children are to have such a good mother. He ended the letter by telling her to “grow up”.

Kanye reprimanded him for using profanity and asked where he is at the moment, to which Davidson replied, “In bed with your wife,” taking care to add photographic evidence to support him.

West then attacked the 28-year-old comedian for his mental health and substance abuse issues. The two men tried to arrange a meeting where they could talk face to face, but were unable to reach a consensus.

Since Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship became public, Kanye West has launched an all-out assault on his new ex-partner, including verbal and physical threats, and a series of music videos in which you can see him kill Davidson.

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