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Perez declares the color: "If Mbappe doesn't come this summer, nobody will shoot himself."

Perez declares the color: “If Mbappe doesn’t come this summer, nobody will shoot himself.”

Who comes first to defend the currently suspended Premier League project, Florentino Perez has been questioned about other issues related to Real Madrid’s future. The Kylian Mbappe case was necessarily mentioned. “If this is the end of the big transfers? Nobody knows … but the Premier League has made up for this year’s economic losses. If Mbappe hadn’t come this summer, I don’t think anyone would shoot himself. People know that if things are not done, it is because it is not possible. I think Socius is happy with the work that I do“, The Spanish leader announced on Wednesday evening over a microphone Ser series, According to the words written by RMC Sport.

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But the main topic of the interview was still about the Premier League, which Perez is an ardent defender of. He does not leave. The European Premier League project is simply “Standby modeThe president of Real Madrid and the Premier League reassured.the society (From “Super League”) It still exists“The leader confirmed, also stating that”Juventus and AC Milan have not left … We all, we think, are working“.

Florentino Perez was also asked about joining the FC Barcelona project, and he replied that he had spoken with Barcelona President Joan Laporta on Wednesday:Of course it is still in the projectWhile the six English clubs that were among the 12 founders of the European League announced that they had abandoned the project on Tuesday night to Wednesday, the Real Madrid coach made it clear that he had done so.I worked until late, until about one in the morning. We have been working on this project for years. We probably didn’t know how to explain that. Maybe I’ll do it better today. “

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When asked immediately, at the start of the program, whether we should now call him the president of Real Madrid or the president of the ‘Premier League’, Florentino Perez swept:No, no. Real Madrid president, that’s good“.”I’ve never seen such aggressiveness from the president of UEFA and the heads of (European) leagues like Spain. It looked like something co-ordinated. (…) It looked like we wanted to kill football. We just dropped an atomic bomb. While we were just trying to save footballHe continued.

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