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People wait more than 24 hours in line to get their passport

People wait more than 24 hours in line to get their passport

The queue to renew their passports continued to grow Wednesday morning outside a Service Canada center in Montreal, as people wanting to be the first to get their passports arrived 24 hours earlier.

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The line went around the shopping center on Rue Marcel Lorraine in the morning.

“I arrived yesterday at 4 am. I spent the night here. My wife and I are being transported,” a man admitted in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

Listen to the Lefebvre-Leclerc interview on microphone Geneviève Pettersen on QUB Radio:

“I arrived an hour before them, at 3 am. I tell my kids I’m not camping anymore, but I was wrong,” said a woman sitting on a folding chair.

“I slept a little in the car.[…] My flight is at 7pm tonight,” another wrote.

Some people even missed their flights on Tuesday while waiting for their passports. So they should line up again on Wednesday morning.

Offices opened at 8:30 am.

Ottawa admitted on Monday that it was surprised by the huge amount of passport applications.

Listen to the Foisy-Robitaille meeting at the microphone of Benoît Dutrizac on QUB Radio:

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