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Pénélope McQuade delivers an impressive testimonial

Pénélope McQuade delivers an impressive testimonial

Quebec is currently shaken by the allegations against the comedian Philip Bondwho left public life after a shocking report by the newspaper Press.

Penelope McQuade No exception, she was the one who provided moving testimony regarding the broader topic of assaults and misconduct.

“We are silent. First because that is what our shame dictates. Then because society asked us to. Because to preserve our jobs and our dignity, we had to. Then we denounced when we told society that the discourse should be edited. We lodged a complaint because only then would there be credibility.” Today, I am silent because my employer’s journalistic standards and practices require me to. Because society is already tired of hearing from us. Because SLAPP prevents me from doing so.”

“Speaking out, albeit out of solidarity, is impossible for me. I might lose more money I’ve made in my career defending myself against something I didn’t do, for something I did. That we all own you. We haven’t done anything other than what we have been asked to do throughout Our lives that have been abused. Today, because we have done nothing (wrong) and said nothing (wrong), we arouse contempt and suspicion. One day, we will have to explain ourselves!”

Remember that Pénélope McQuade has qualified Gilbert Rosen The attacker, before being sued by the latter for defamation, confirmed at the time to Radio Canada.

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