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Pele’s family at his bedside in a hospital in São Paulo

(Sao Paulo) Members of the family of great Brazilian soccer player Pele gather at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo where the 82-year-old world icon has been since the end of November.

Doctors said earlier this week that Pele’s cancer had progressed, adding that the three-time World Cup winner is in “tertiary care” linked to “kidney and heart abnormalities”. There has been no further statement from the hospital since.

Edson Cholpe Nascimento, one of Pele’s sons, known as Edino, arrived on Saturday after holding a press conference to deny that he had visited his father in hospital. Edinho, who works for a soccer club in southern Brazil, said only doctors could help his father.

Screenshot of KELY NASCIMENTO’s Instagram account

” he is [Edson] One of Pele’s daughters, Kelly Nascimento, said in an Instagram post with a photo showing her sitting next to Edinho and two of his children in the hospital.

Hours later, Edinho, the former Santos goalkeeper, posted a picture showing his hand holding his father’s hand.

” Father […] Pele’s son said.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento’s colon tumor, known to the world as Pele, was removed in September 2021. Neither his family nor the hospital said whether it had spread to other organs.

Kelly Nascimento and his sister, Flavia Arantes do Nascimento, took to social media Friday night to post an apparently undated photo of Pele holding Kelly in one hand as he lay in his hospital bed and Flavia sleeping on the couch.

Screenshot of KELY NASCIMENTO’s Instagram account

“We are still here, in this fight and with faith. Another night together,” Kelly Nascimento wrote.

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The hospital reported no signs of Pele’s recent respiratory infection, which was exacerbated by COVID-19.

Newspaper Fulha DS Paolo reported last weekend that Pele’s chemotherapy was not working and that doctors had decided to place him in a nursing home. Pele’s family denied this information.

Pele led Brazil to victory in the 1958, 1962 and 1970 World Cups and remains one of the team’s all-time top scorers with 77 goals. Neymar equaled the record set by Pele in the last World Cup.