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Patrick Lane signs a new contract in Columbus

Patrick Lane signs a new contract in Columbus

Striker Patrick Lane has signed a new contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

A Finnish journalist was the first to suggest on Twitter, on Friday afternoon, that Laine could have secured a new decade-long record in Ohio.

Who is the concerned journalist? Antti Makinen, followed by nearly 59,000 people on Twitter, is a sports commentator who has already won the Jouko Autero Award (awarded for press coverage of hockey in Finland).

Just under an hour later, the Blue Jackets team confirmed the news.

Elliot Friedman, a well-known hockey whistleblower, said the manager in question would receive $8.7 million annually, for four seasons.

Drafted for the second time overall in 2016, Laine has just completed his first full season in Blue Jackets. In 2020-21, he traded with Columbus from Winnipeg.

Last season, Tampere-born Finland had 56 points (26 goals and 30 assists) in 56 games.

Which made him third in goalscoring in Columbus, behind Jakub Vorasek (62) and Oliver Björkstrand (57).

Lynn, 24, has just completed the first and only season of a contract that paid him $7.5 million. He will now play Johnny Goudreau, who the Blue Jackets team got their hands on last week.

A small bonus, which will make you laugh, thanks a timing Which is great. Yesterday, Lynn was seen on an ice rink in his Florida Panthers training uniform, apparently because he forgot his clothes.

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