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Patrick Howard leaves 'La Tour' mutant

Patrick Howard leaves ‘La Tour’ mutant

Patrick Howard begins his last week as a “permanent guest” at the towerAn experience that has profoundly changed him over the past two years.

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A multi-talented artist – comedian, actor, director and producer – Patrick is constantly expanding his sandbox and often gets where you least expect it.

After trying more than 200 episodes of the tower Having met with more than 550 people there to discuss a range of topics, Patrick handed the wand to Gildor Roy on Thursday. Commander Chiasun District 31 He will succeed him in September on TVA.

This is the second time in his career that the audience talks to him about his sensitivity and sensitivity by listening and all the baggage he carries when he opens his mouth.

The first time was when he was a faculty member at star Academy. “There are some topics I didn’t know much about and I did my homework. I leave from the tower After learning a lot of business on various subjects and individuals. “Confrontations with the world change you,” he told QMI.

From the beginning, he participated in the development of the concept the towerPatrick is glad he suggested a date when the conversation would be queen. Very quickly, I realize that the “choice” of guests and the choice of subjects are essential to the success of this daily process.

Proud of his ability to “create chemistry” between guests, he wanted to offer an antidote to SMS messages that often generate killer responses on social networks.

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“There are people who have said very intimate and firm things to them the tower. There was no scandal. When you have time to do things right and they are not taken out of context, when you see the reactions of other guests, empathy changes the whole dynamic,” said Patrick.

On set, conversations spanned over three hours of necessary recording for each episode, and even as the cameras changed. “Sometimes you had to tell the guests it was time to leave,” he said with a laugh.

Patrick Howard, who knows how to bounce from one project to the next, is excited about what’s to come.

“It ‘bolstered’ my confidence in the sense that people connected with us a lot and were generous. I created an extra bond with the audience. I really had a distinct advantage that I’ve always appreciated, but it’s like we have a new side in our relationship as I go along with it, it’s is positive.

Will he give advice to Gildor Roy? “That’s not the kind of thing you want to impose. A person has to feel comfortable, feel at home, and dress up their personality. the tower, it’s understandable, but this kind of “show” has to take the form of the person who’s there every night. People will enjoy next year’s trip with Gildor.”

Patrick Howard, who can be seen since January in the last season of the series honorable On Club illico, the show will be filming soon lol: who will laugh last? For Prime Video, a project that will only require a few days of commitment.

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After a well-deserved vacation, he will put himself at the service of his wife, Annick Jane, who is shooting her first feature film, Mom’s Men this summer. I often let him focus entirely on his obligations and now he wants to give back, which is also producing the film, as well as having a role in it.

He also wants to write and focus on his two production company PaNik Fiction series. Both series should be filmed next year, including mercenaries, which will tell the story of controversial driver Raymond Boulanger, a role he intends to defend. The series will be filmed in three languages ​​and in several countries. “He’ll be in the bush and both feet in the snow,” Patrick said.

The other project is Sourcewhich will focus on former SPVM detective Benoit Roberge, the mole who sold information on police investigations to Hells Angels.