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Patrick Howard has been recruited by Amazon Prime Video

Patrick Howard has been recruited by Amazon Prime Video

Patrick Howard will host the Quebec version of lol: last laugh – Renamed lol: who will laugh last? Expected on Amazon Prime Video later this year.

Concept lol: last laugh It’s simple. Ten famous comedians find themselves in the same studio with the challenge of not laughing at their peers’ actions and jokes. The offending candidate’s first offense deserves a warning in the form of a yellow card. The second result is in the judiciary. The last remaining comic wins a sum of money, earmarked for an organization or charity of its choice.

This time, French-speaking comedians will enter the competition. Their identity has not been revealed, but we already know that their adventures will be carried in 240 countries and territories across the planet via Amazon Prime Video.

‘Very excited’

Patrick Howard said he is “extremely excited” about this new project in a press release Tuesday for the video-on-demand service.

“You know that comedians are fueled by laughter, but what you may not know is that they are often true fans of others and for them not laughing is torture. I am also very happy with the stir because I won’t have a chance to last 10 minutes! Especially with the gang of comedians who accepted the challenge. It would be crazy!” Can we read.

global phenomenon

This is a 100% Quebec version – and produced by Attraction from the universeIt will arrive just months after the Canadian version, hosted by Guy Baruchelle, which launched last month. The original Japanese concept has been adapted, among other places, in France, Brazil, Germany and Australia.

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“Quebec has a good reputation for being a leader in comedy, including hosting the largest international comedy festival, where comedians perform at always packed venues,” James Farrell, director of local original productions for Amazon Studios, also said via a press release.

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