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Patrick Côté cries: Bale's victory over TVA

Patrick Côté cries: Bale's victory over TVA

Competition was in full swing on Sunday night, both on the ballpark in Las Vegas for the Superbowl, and in the ratings battleground between RDS, Noovo and TVA.

Since RDS and Noovo (Bell) belong to the same company, Bell managers were counting on them Celebrity Big Brother To remove TVA's “La Voix,” the only show that could potentially hurt the Superbowl's ratings.

While RDS still has the privilege of having exclusive rights to the most-watched bout of the year, and all of sports combined, a scene went viral at Noovo in the middle of the SuperBowl, as former UFC fighter Patrick Coté left the show in tears. Eyes out.

Here are the words of journalist Hugo Dumas, who recounts in detail what happened.

Last week, the richest in the (Quebec) history of this reality show, was difficult for Patrick Coté, Novo's Patrick Mahomes and, by the way, a member of all imaginable alliances of Celebrity Big Brother, even those that are still established. (Credit: Press)

Like a champion, Patrick Coté, aka our Papa, left the game with dignity, crying, and even imitated Luca from OD dans l'Ouest by slipping in a cult phrase from Quebec reality TV, as if someone had just done it . She perished in combat: “You are like the suns.”

It's strange to see a UFC fighter cry his eyes out on a low-brow show like Celebrity Big Brother.

Ultimately, this allowed Noovo to attract attention and steal ratings from La Voix, which was the biggest loser of the evening.

While Taylor Swift was the center of attention around the world, in Quebec we were moved by Patrick Coté, a former UFC fighter who cried at the bad version of the reality TV game.

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