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Patrice Lemieux appointed head coach of FC Montreal

Patrice Lemieux appointed head coach of FC Montreal

Daniel Savoy does it again. In fact, I have to say that Patrice Lemieux is doing it again, because many people know the character better than the actor behind it.

in capsule the web Published yesterday, Patrice Lemieux is holding his first press conference since his appointment at the helm of FC Montreal…

But the Canadian without paying the right to contact him Canadian, like …

There is some good Blinks in the capsule.

Looking down no Mark Bergeffen… customs insuranceMarkie boy… the bad translations and the funny turns of the phrase … the good sticks … the serial (defeats) … the dress, then the mask off to speak at the end …

Jay Ri.

to note that Patrice Lemieux / Daniel Savoy She was not involved with any media to create and publish her capsule. More such press conferences are expected to be published in the coming weeks Youtube the subject.

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Personal reflection: Does the new NHL double chess ban do more harm to the Canadian and his defensive brigade than you might think?

– In fact. It remains to be shown on the ice now.

It is particularly relevant to Cole Caufield’s question in this text.

– Landeskog has returned to Denver.

What must the Canadian relaunch go through?

There is an elephant in the room…

Jake Allen’s new mask is cool.