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Password Manager Double Authentication is coming to Windows

Password Manager Double Authentication is coming to Windows

Generating two-factor authentication codes comes in the Windows app of iCloud Password Manager. This makes it easy to access your accounts saved in the Apple cloud from a computer.

In 2021, apple Released a major update to the iCloud app for windows. she was attending Password manager For the first time, it’s pre-reserved for Apple-branded devices. This time, another update brings support for Code GeneratorTwo-factor documentation (2FA).

Two-factor authentication with iCloud arrives in Windows

The media 9to5Mac He writes that users of the application have reported about reddit The latest version of iCloud Passwords brings support for two-factor authentication. Post reached iCloud with iOS 15 and macOS Monterey last year, before the recent arrival of Windows (Windows 10 or 11).

Source: 9to5Mac

As a reminder, two-factor authentication is a method that uses two verifications to ensure that the person who wants to identify themselves is who the account belongs to. If it is not infallible of course, this method has the advantage of being more secure than if it were not used, in particular for Secure your smartphone or tablet, etc. Connecting it to a password manager is one wayYou have secure passwords that you don’t necessarily need to remember.

Functionality only available in Edge and Chrome

iCloud supports two-factor authentication, which frees users of Apple products from relying on third-party apps to store generated codes. It is now also available on Windows PCs. Also, the Microsoft operating system version now allows you to add and read notes related to passwords stored in iCloud. It was previously only available on Apple devices since iOS 15.4.

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However, there are some limitations, since the password manager only works with Edge and chrome. As you see fire fox For example, iCloud cannot be used on Windows.

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